108m x 6m Complex

10.8m x 6m Complex

2 of 870mm x 2040mm External Metal clad door
2 of Entrance set door handle
8 of 1175Wx1130H EIF Alum. Sliding windows
(Top @ 2100mm F/F)
8 of Security Grilles on windows
All Power outlets @ 300mm F/F unless
otherwise noted. All outlets are double pole.
2 of Electrical Panel & POE Box
4 of 1.5hp Box type Reverse Cycle A/C
8 of Double fluorescent fixtures
4 of Light switch
11 of 2G GPO @ 300mm F/F
4 of 1G GPO for A/C @ 2000mm F/F
2 of Exit Signs
1 of Smoke Detector
2mm vinyl floor coverings
Unit constructed using Bondor 50mm EPS FR panel

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