40 x 345 Ablution Block
40 x 345 Ablution Block
40 x 345 Ablution Block

4m x 3.45m Ablution Block

Roof Pitch (100mm/3.45m)
2 of 870mm x 2040mm External Metal clad door
2 of Passage set door handle with staple & hasp
2 of 1200Wx 450H EF Alum. Sliding windows
2 of 600W x 300H EF Alum. Sliding Windows(Top @ 2200mm F/F)
Security Grilles on windows
All Power outlets @ 1100mm F/F unless otherwise noted.
All outlets are double pole.
1 of Electrical Panel & POE Box
2 of 1200mm Double fluorescent fixtures -
2 of 150mm Exhaust Fans
4 of Light switch
2 of 2G GPO
1 of 80L HWS
2 of Shower Enclosure 920mm x 770mm
2 of Toilet pans & Cisterns
2 of Small Hand Basins 410mm x 320mm
2 of Toilet roll holder
2 of Hand paper sheet dispensers
2 of 300mm x300mm wall tile mirrors
2 of Soap Dispensers

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